If you truly believe that “bigger is better,” then a long beard style may be the ideal appearance for you. It can be an incredible journey to grow a full, long beard and it takes patience to grow beard hair to a certain length. But for timeless styles like the ducktail beard style boy oh boy is it worth the patience and work.

How to Choose the Ideal Style for Your Long Beard

Even with the most epically fantastic long beard style ever if it doesn’t suit your face shape effectively it could look a little off and detract from your characteristics. Always go for a long beard style that accentuates your best features.

  • Oval
  • Rectangular
  • Triangular
  • Round
  • Square
  • Diamond

How to Grow a Long Beard

If you are determined to grow a lengthy beard you must commit to your beard care regimen and arm yourself with a lot of patience. There are numerous methods for encouraging the growth and upkeep of a healthy long beard style some of them involve maintaining physical and mental well-being.

  • Well-Balanced Diet
  • Exercising Regularly
  • Getting Some Sleep
  • Not Trimming the Beard for a While
  • Applying Beard Oil

Combing and Brushing on a Regular Basis

Remember to provide your facial hair with the care and attention it deserves. Brushing and detangling your beard can help distribute products like beard oil evenly and encourage localized blood flow in the area. In addition to training your facial hair to grow in a specific direction this beard care routine will help you avoid those annoying curls.

How to Shape a Long Beard

Maintaining the shape and cut of a long beard style will be easier than maintaining a short one. A beard trimmer, beard comb and beard scissors are among the gear you’ll need. It is best to begin shaping and cutting your beard as soon as it is clean and completely dry. You won’t be able to judge the proper length of your beard when your hair is wet, and it may appear longer.

Verify that you’ve combed the hair on your face in the direction that it naturally grows. This will also assist you in identifying any uneven hairs that you may need to remove right away.

You can begin shaving your beard from the sides and go gradually in the direction of the middle. While a trimmer can be used to level out the region around your sideburns, scissors are better for fine details and shaping the overall form. Save the chin area for the big reveal. You can also shave or trim the areas around your neck and cheekbones depending on the style of beard you’ve chosen.

Make sure to double-check for symmetry after you’re done. Nothing is more depressing than an uneven beard. If you’re not happy with the outcome comb it over once again and cut any straggling hairs you missed the first time around.

Apply your preferred beard oil and a styling product, such as beard wax, to complete the look. These will keep your facial hair safe and your beard appearing well-groomed.

12 Best Long Styles For Men 

The Warrior

Wild And Carefree Long Beard Style

Classic Full Beard

The Boss

Clear Outline


The Verdi

The Hipster


Bandholz Beard

Bold Shaped Beard

The Harden

Enjoy a New Look With a Long Beard

Any of these incredible long beard styles are achievable if you’re prepared to put in a little time and effort. What a trip it has been and we’ve provided some crucial advice on how to select and style the most amazing beards. Whichever option you select keep in mind that a healthy beard maintenance regimen is essential to finishing off any style.

Utilize hydrating products like beard oil and balm, and be sure to use a shampoo made especially for facial hair to keep your beard clean. To keep even the most unkempt hair in place you need also use a styling product such as beard wax to complete your appearance.


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