Perplexity AI

Completely AI-aware, Perplexity AI is a search engine. Perplexity utilizes a natural Internet connection and the GPT-3 LLM. When a user asks a question, it generates results by combining useful Internet knowledge with its own dataset. But what really makes this Chrome addon great in my opinion is that it provides valuable source citations.

Even single webpages or entire websites may be read by Perplexity AI with ease. Perplexity AI is undoubtedly one of the greatest ChatGPT Chrome extensions because of its many uses and capacity to reference sources.


ChatGPT currently lacks a crucial component access to the most recent information available on the Internet—despite its astute, self-assured responses and informative database. The information provided by ChatGPT is outdated for events that occurred after 2021 because its knowledge is restricted to data from that year. WebChatGPT one of the greatest ChatGPT Chrome extensions, assists in getting around this restriction.

With the help of this addon, the bot is enhanced to provide pertinent online results in response to your queries. The plugin enables ChatGPT to look up pertinent links on the internet when it receives a prompt. After that, the bot shows the search results and gathers data via these links.

ChatGPT for Google

You are aware that Chat.GPT is limited to one browser tab if you have used this AI chatbot. Thus, you need to keep that tab open if you want it available at all times. This issue is resolved with the ChatGPT addon, which also exposes the bot to search engines. The Chat GPT for Google extension, as its name suggests, shows ChatGPT’s answer next to Google search results. To get everything set up, just use the extension to log into OpenAI and you’re good to go.

The extension doesn’t need any further instructions to activate.

Fireflies AI

An intriguing Chatgpt chrome extension that serves as your AI meeting helper is called Fireflies AI. Google Meet has the ability to automatically record, transcribe, and provide you with an instant summary of video chats with artificial intelligence. No need to write notes by hand. After every meeting, Fireflies Chrome extensions may elegantly produce a transcript with speaker names, notes, and action items.

The nicest thing is that it effortlessly generates comprehensive meeting summaries. Fireflies AI is the solution for you if you required a one-stop shop for AI extensions for meeting summary.

Monica AI Copilot – ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Your Chrome browser’s sophisticated AI co-pilot is named Monica. This extension stands out since it uses the GPT-4 model as its power source. It employs both the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models for dialogue. And it only use the GPT-3.5 model for content explanation, translation, and paraphrasing. Monica is a Chrome plugin that does every online task in one place.

It can be used for a lot of things, such writing emails, posing challenging queries, summarizing YouTube videos, and working with Google. Additionally, it offers a sizable Prompt Library that lets you find the ideal answer for any topic. Not to mention, ChatGPT may access real-time information online thanks to the plugin. It also offers a number of other features, such as voice input, copywriting, AI picture creation, and PDF chat.

Chat GPT File Uploader Extended

In contrast to the premium Chat.GPT Plus plan, the free version of ChatGPT has less capabilities and does not allow file uploading. Thus, you may just use this extension to upload files to ChatGPT directly if you don’t want to use the subscription plan. A variety of file formats, including Word, Excel, PDF, ZIP, TXT, and CSV, can be uploaded.

It’s one of the greatest Chat GPT Chrome extensions, in my opinion, having used it myself.

ChatGPT Writer – Write Mail and Messages with AI

This Ai Writer adds its skill at crafting words to your web browser. The writer’s primary goal is to compose emails and messages for every website. All that’s needed to use the extension independently is to log into OpenAI. After that, you must click on the extension to open it. Next, it requests context—that is, the subject matter you want the email or message to cover. If you are reacting to a previous discussion, you can give context.

Chatgpt chrome extension responds to the prompt very instantly after getting it. Although the extension is designed to be used with emails and texts, it may also be used to communicate with ChatGPT. It takes longer than normal to respond, but you are free to continue if you so choose.


Wiseone, which describes itself as an AI-powered reading copilot, is among the greatest ChatGPT Chrome extensions for readers. The idea of the addon is to make reading a range of text easier without drastically altering its flow. Wiseone detects all text formats and seamlessly integrates into the browser window. After that, it reads the difficult passage automatically and offers to assist users by simplifying it.

Wiseone opens a box containing the necessary context and explanations in a matter of seconds. If the reader want to broaden their horizons, it can even provide items from rival publications. You can even ask it different questions to make it an authority on the issue. So ask the Wiseone if you have trouble understanding complicated ideas.

Superpower ChatGPT

Superpower ChatGPT basically gives you the option to make special folders where you may keep your AI conversations. Various folders can be created based on the chats you have. When finished just drag and drop the pertinent chat to close the folder. These conversations are saved via the Chrome extension and users can quickly access them at a later time.

Superpower ChatGPT also has the ability to keep several custom prompts, search for them online, and modify vocabulary, writing style, and tone of voice. As the ChatGPT conversations sync with your smartphone you can also download them. Despite having all of these capabilities, Superpower may be downloaded for free.

Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT Powered Assistant

Here’s an option if you enjoyed ChatGPT for Google but wanted it to work across all browsers rather than just the search engine. The ChatGPT-enabled extension from Open AI, Merlin, functions on all browser versions. The addon responds to a wide range of prompts with the same responses because it uses Open AI’s GPT AI model.

By using the keyboard shortcut CTRL (CMD on Mac) + M in the browser, one can enable the Merlin extension. Use ChatGPT AI Anywhere Online

Introducing is a Chrome addon that allows ChatGPT to open in any tab. You can access the AI bot in the browser tab you are currently working on by using the sidebar that shows up when you enable the ChatGPT Chrome extension. In addition to bringing ChatGPT to any online location, also includes prominent AI chatbots like Bard, Bing AI, and Claude. This is the quickest way to use ChatGPT online. To access the chatbots you may alternatively use the keyboard shortcut Cmd/ALT +J.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

Searching for videos that don’t bore you by going on for hours is a major aspect of exploring YouTube. To put a stop to your impatience, Glasp built the YouTube Summary addon. A YouTube summary box shows up next to every video you play on the website after it is installed and logged in. Pressing the icon causes the YouTube transcript to appear. We are not seeking it as the website is capable of doing so on its own.

Rather we wish to make use of the ” View AI Summary ” feature, which launches ChatGPT in a new tab. To produce a brief synopsis, the extension copies the full video transcript and executes a command. You can instruct ChatGPT to proceed or end the session after you receive a response.

SciSpace Copilot

A YouTube synopsis is one thing, but when you get serious thorough research is a different story. One of the greatest ChatGPT Chrome plugins for simplifying complicated explanations is SciSpace Copilot. Designed with research papers in mind, this Chrome addon serves as a useful tool.


Do you have trouble understanding what’s on a webpage? Here’s ReaderGPT a web page summarization tool based on ChatGPT that can be accessed using a Chrome plugin. With the ChatGPT Chrome addon, you may condense an article into three short bullet points or 50 words.

To summarize content according to your needs you can add custom prompts in addition to the usual ones. You may include “write a caption based on the following text” or “simplify the following text for a five-year-old,” for instance.

It only takes a few seconds to generate the summarized content which you can use straight away by copying it. You can create caption ideas condense large amounts of text, and save time with ReaderGPT.

Talkberry – Talk to ChatGPT

Another ChatGPT Chrome addon that lets you speak with OpenAI’s AI chatbot is called Talkberry. If you frequently use ChatGPT this Chrome extension is jam-packed with features that will save you a ton of time. Talkberry has support for several languages, including Spanish, French, Mandarin and is powered by ChatGPT-4.

The Talkberry Chrome plugin is marketed as a personalized tutor by the company that created it. You can communicate with ChatGPT and receive suggestions from the AI to get better at the language you want to learn by using the microphone on your device.


ChatGPT is being used by users worldwide for a multitude of purposes. Many people have even taken to tweeting about anything and anything or responding to other people with well-reasoned responses, utilizing the AI chatbot. This addon eliminates the need to enter the ChatGPT website, paste the content of the tweet, and then copy the response. ChatGPT is directly integrated into Twitter for those using the tweetGPT Chrome plugin.

After installation, the “New Tweet” pop-up will have a robot icon. To select from a selection of moods for your post or replies, click the robot icon. Moods like humorous, sardonic, upbeat, enthusiastic, intelligent, and even hillbilly are supported by tweetGPT. Simply select any of them and ChatGPT will create the tweet automatically.

Though you can keep updating these categories with new tweets I thought the majority of them were rather humorous. One of the greatest and funniest ChatGPT Chrome extensions available is tweetGPT.

Engage AI

Reacting to postings on Linkedin is one of the hardest things to do on social networking. But Engage AI is here for Linkedin, just as TweetGPT is for your Tweets. The ChatGPT Chrome addon functions as a social media commenting tool. Similar to the extension mentioned above, Engage AI offers a selection of tone options, such as agreeable, humorous, disagree, congrats, and inquiry.

After being selected, Engage instantly reads the post and composes a relevant comment in response.


The YouTube Summary addon that we mentioned is suitable for a wide range of videos. But of course, it’s limited to videos alone. Similar features are available for text with the Summarize Chrome plugin. Once more integrated into Chrome, the extension eliminates the requirement for you to access the ChatGPT website.

Open any content an article, an email or any other website and click on the Summarize plugin to begin using it. In a matter of seconds, it will request ChatGPT and deliver a clean summary. Summarize performed quite well when I tested it with a variety of texts.

GPT for Sheets & Docs

Although the aforementioned addon summarizes articles from the internet for you, you may need valuable AI assistance when creating your content. GPT for Sheets and Docs enters the picture at this point. This extension is installed as a straight add-on to Google Docs and Sheets, building upon ChatGPT. Additionally, you must include your unique OpenAI API key. Despite the rather laborious process, the GPT extension greatly enhances your workflow.

First of all, users have full control over their text in Google Docs. They can alter it totally by summarizing it, editing it for grammar, rephrasing it, or even starting over. Google Sheets offers more customization features, such as formula creation and data simplification. GPT for Sheets and Docs is undoubtedly one of the greatest ChatGPT Chrome extensions because of its extensive features.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

With ChatGPT, you can do a ton of awesome stuff. You can perform a lot of things, from basic articles to complex coding. But there’s a chance you won’t have any more fun with the chatbot. By providing consumers with more features and all the prompts they could ask for, ChatGPT Prompt Genius fills that gap.

To begin, open Chrome and click the extension. A series of instructions will appear on the website. Next, please select from a variety of questions and arrange them according to category using the dropdown menu.

When you are satisfied with the generated input, click the yellow play prompt button to paste the prompt into a new ChatGPT window.

Botrush Browser Plugin

Despite being incredibly helpful, ChatGPT’s typical chat design can get boring. However, Botrush is the Chrome extension to achieve that for people who think variety is the flavor of life. The tool’s main goal is to redesign the ChatGPT experience by giving users complete control over their UI, including font styles and colors. There are more than fifteen distinct colors and twenty-five font options.

When paired with fonts, the striking color scheme creates a fresh and appealing ChatGPT user interface.

Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

Prometheus is a straightforward ChatGPT Chrome addon that gives the AI chatbot several useful new features. With the help of this useful Chrome extension, ChatGPT can now accept microphone input. With Prometheus, the chatbot is skillfully transformed into a convenient voice assistant like to Siri. Without obstructing your view, the Prometheus addon floats on the right side of the ChatGPT discussion window.

Because it’s a basic add-on, all you have to do to use it is install it and hold down the spacebar. The microphone input improved my experience with ChatGPT a little bit, and it may be exactly what many others need to communicate with this chatbot more conveniently. Just make sure your computer has a functional microphone if not, it won’t function.

Fancy GPT

Fancy GPT is included in our ranking of the top ChatGPT Chrome extensions. The goal of the Fancy GPT addon is to enhance ChatGPT interactions using various design components. Fancy GPT can export any kind of chat. In the future, the addon might add support for additional styles in addition to the Neon and Sketch styles. It can also highlight certain ChatGPT response parts, cover SVG path pictures and do a lot more.

After engaging in a thorough dialogue with the bot, click the addon to utilize Fancy GPT. You will be taken to a new page where you will be able to view your full chat in a user interface. This is where you can alter the conversation’s visual design, omit specific messages and export it as a PDF or image. This plugin is a great way to give your ChatGPT exchanges a more aesthetically pleasing feel without adding anything extra.

ShareGPT Share your ChatGPT Conversations

With a single click, ShareGPT, an AI Chrome extension, allows you to instantly share your chat with others. Perfect for people who are too lazy. After installation, each ChatGPT chat has a tiny share button. All you have to do now is click this button and give the extension a few seconds to work instead of exporting a chat.

ChatGPT to Notion

Save to Notion is a better option if you would prefer to share your chat with others in a more private setting. All that this ChatGPT Chrome extension does is forward any conversation messages you have with Notion. The configuration of the extension requires selecting a particular database and document.

After that, all you need to do is hit the pin icon that will now show up on the side of every message to instantly navigate to the document of your choice.


With ChatSonic, you may make use of AI-assisted writing on multiple platforms, including Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Helpscout and the web in general. ChatSonic is a potent ChatGPT Chrome addon.

Among other things it lets you write emails, social media postings and support tickets.

Numerous writing templates in areas including marketing, sales, customer service, and personal productivity are available with this addon.

You may quickly retrieve your writing history and save drafts using ChatSonic’s user-friendly UI. Moreover, ChatSonic provides multilingual assistance.


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